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Simplify the way you create
public relations and digital marketing reports

Follow-up your Instagram influencer marketing campaign using keywords.

TV monitoring using speech recognition.

TV Monitoring

Radio monitoring using speech recognition.

Have amazing reports ready in a couple of clicks!

Create reports in the formats you need, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting | Analytics LookOut

Instagram Influencers

Measuring the effectiveness of an Instagram campaign is a crucial element for decision making on an influencer marketing program.

Brands trust genuine influencers

Analytics LookOut

Research & Analyze Instagram Influencers

Analyze and verify Instagram profiles to make sure they are true, bot-free, Instagram influencers. Track their engagements, and measure their total impact on your marketing efforts.

With Analytics LookOut, you can quickly filter the complete list of registered profiles to validate their interactions per post and their engagement score on Instagram.

How does Analytics LookOut work?

Create your account
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Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting | Analytics LookOut
Create a group of keywords

Type the words or phrases that you want to monitor within the publications. Analytics LookOut will notify you when someone uses your keywords in any publication.

Group of keywords.
Mentions records for custom reporting purposes.

Presenting information in an elegant way is important, but doing it fast is even better! That is why we have the graphs and reports that help you do just that. Your reports will be ready for presentation (we take care of the analysis of the data) and are 100% editable (that means you can even add your brand logo if you want!).

Organize your mentions using our campaign tracking.
Our report gallery.

We are constantly creating new report formats in Word, Excel and Powerpoint, for your convenience.

Save yourself hours of work analyzing and formatting data in your reports. We have reports starting at $7.99 per month.

Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting | Analytics LookOut

You can use Analytics LookOut to monitor your campaign and analyze Instagram accounts (it’s free!). We help you be more productive and save hours and hours of work using our custom reports.